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2016-11-13 - An Evening at Ross-Fenton Farm
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Mabel Fenton and Charles Ross (born Ada Towne and Charles Kelly) were a married couple and perhaps the country’s top vaudeville comedy team of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1898, Mabel and Charlie bought a “roadhouse” on the lake in Wanamassa and a year later, they opened Ross Fenton Farm. Their popularity and show business connections proved a winning combination. The biggest names in vaudeville performed at and frequented their new establishment.

Our night remembering the hay days of Ross-Fenton Farms was a rousing success, with the evening being enjoyed by all who attended. Drinking, dining and gambling were Ross-Fenton's staples, and the evenings too.

Thank you for all who came out to support the Township of Ocean Historical Museum on this fun and festive evening.