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Platinum, Gold, Silver and Benefactor Members 

We are very grateful for the continued support of all of our Benefactors. Many of our 2016 Benefactors have supported the Museum at this level for multiple years (***).

Dr. William L. Barrett ****
Anita and Tom Means ***
Joan and Mike Berzansky ***
David Lipkin ***
Paul and Carmel Smith ***
Sandee and Thom Steckbeck
Kathy and Phil Parratt ***
Thomas and Paula Milmoe ***
Renee and Bernie Karasic ***
Harry and Patty Grasso ***
Richard R Stout, Jr. ***
Patricia Harris Slaughter ***
Glenn and Peggy Morgan ***
Howard and Carole White ***
Joan C. Olson ***
Ira Haupt, II ***
Joseph and Sally Renzulli ***
Sanford and Joan Brown ***
Kay Jannarone ***
Lois and Robert Landis ***
Jane E. Neuman, M.D., FACP
Gail Levenson  
Charles and Nancy Manfredi ***
Thom, Suzie, Tommie & Colin Lavin ***
Lois and Steve Carton
Dorothy O'Donnell *** 
Cliff and Pam Miller ***
Daniel and Cornelia Skinner ***
Thomas H. Kenney ***
Fred and Dolores Fraterrigo ***
Marianne and Jay Wilensky ***
William Prihel ***
Dr. William S. Wood, Jr. and Family
Randy Danielson and Aldo Suarez
Dorothy V. Gray***
Pat and Delores D'Esposito***
Barbara and Guy Villapiano***
Wilma N Wright***
H. William and Sandy Mullaney***
Beverly and Steven Itell***
Walter and Bonnie Dietz***
Ronald Danielson***
Marie A. Curtis***
Jeff and Melody Ragle***
Eleanor Millar***
Mary Z. Hill
Marjorie and Paul Edelson***
Steve and Winnie Howland
E. Jeanne Diamond***
Barbara and Fenton Hudson***
Dr. John R. and Louise B. Durocher***
Dorothy Dale Trumbower***

Platinum Members

The Museum is pleased to acknowledge those who have become Platinum Members 

Ansell, Zaro, Grimm and Aaron 2008
​Judith Stanley Coleman 2008
​Sunset Farm Market and Garden Center 2008
​Howard & Virginia Richmond 200920102011
​Patricia Cerniglaro 20112012, 2013, 201420152016, 2017
​Phyllis A. Fyfe 2016
Rosalie Harvey 2013, 201420152016
Platinum, Gold, Silver and Benefactor Members 
Gold Members

The Museum is pleased to acknowledge those who have become Gold Members 

Jules L. Plangere, III 2015
Patricia Goy Cernigliaro 2008 20092010
Dorothy V. and William F. Gray, 2009
Rosalie Harvey 201020112012
Howard and Virginia Richmond 20122014201520162017
Phyllis A. Fyfe 2014, 2015
John C. Huss 201420152016
Ted and Peggy Dellinger 2017
Silver Members

The Museum is pleased to acknowledge those who have become Silver Members 

John Huss 20052006200720082009201020112012, 2013
Patricia G. Cernigliaro 2007
Rosalie Harvey 20072008
Mary Owen 2007
Donald & Diane Brockel 20082009201020112012, 2013, 20152016
William and Dorothy Gray 2010
Phyllis Fyfe 2012, 2013
Howard and Virginia Richmond 2013
Dr. and Mrs. Libero Marx Renzulli 2013, 201420152016
Ted and Peggy Dellinger 201420152016
Dr. Jane E. Neuman and Family 2015
Sean and Cathy Moore 2015
Charles and Angela Alcott 2016
Bob and Sergie Conklin 20162017