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Centennial Markers 
Is your house 100 years old? Was it built in 1914 or earlier? If it's reached the grand old age of 100 years, it qualifies for a centennial home plaque. You will find such markers attached to houses throughout the township.

In 1976 twenty five (25) homes were designated 'Centennial Home', in 1993 twenty eight (28) and in 2002 one (1) home, totaling fifty four (54) centennial homes in Ocean Township.

The Township of Ocean Historical Museum has pictures and information on these houses.

By the 1900's many large farms were being sub-divided into affordable building lots so that the average working family could afford to buy a home. The machine age was well established and building materials were mass produced. Clusters of homes grew with some supporting businesses, such as grocery stores, hardware stores and gasoline stations. Such early villages can be found around Monmouth Road, West Park Avenue, Bowne Road and Sunset Avenue.
These early homes usually featured the 'basics': a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room and several bedrooms. Although central heating was becoming common place, a fireplace in the living room was an added attraction. Often these houses were wall-papered, had tin ceilings and wainscoting. As the family prospered, alterations and updates were made.

Your old house is best dated by a deed. If you have a deed going  back to 1912 or earlier, the Ocean Township Historical Museum would like to have a copy. We will gladly make a copy for our files. If you do not have a copy, you can trace the age of your house at The Hall of Records in Freehold.

A marker from the Township of Ocean Historical Museum, merely acknowledges the age of your home.  The citizens of the Township of Ocean, and their elected officials have, since the 1970's, elected not to place any restrictions on a property marked by the Museum.  The marker is merely an acknowledgment of the age of the structure, not a restriction on what can be done with it. 

If you have questions please feel free to call the museum at 732 531-2136.