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Remembering Our Korean War Veterans
Saturday, July 27, 2013
60th Anniversary of the End of Hostilities

We remember all of the veterans honored at our flag ceremony and their sacrifices in the service of our country.
"What you're honoring is a person's devotion to their county and not the rank or station in life they achieved." Tom Sherlock, Arlington National Cemetery Historian
Paul Benoit (Air Force)
Joseph Bonavico (Army)
Anthony Caltabilota (Army)
Sgt. Sterling (Sonny) Cheek* (Army)
Cpl. Harold Cuddy*
Pasquale D'Esposito (Army) 
Vincent D'Esposito (Army) 
John DeRespiris (Air Force) 
Joseph Di Marcantonio (Navy) 
Donald Doughty*
Thomas Dunleavy (Navy)
Daniel Edelson (Army) 
Lewis B. Evans* (Navy) 
Alfonso Freda
Anthony Gallo (Army)
Pfc. Irwin D Gerechoff (Army)
Lt. Cmdr. Leonard Gordon Jr.* (Navy)
Sgt. Jack Gorsky* (Army)
Robert Gouley* (Air Force)
Robert E. Grant, Jr.*
Sgt. Melvin A Hood (Army)
Donald Jensen* (Army)
Charles Kachnoskie (Air Force)
Peter A Kerwien (Army)
Sgt. 1st Class Jerome Kessel (Army)
James Maguire (Army) 
James W. Manning (Army) 
Sgt. Gerald McMaster* (Air Force)
Donald McNaughton * (Army) - Killed in Action
Madeline Newberry (ROK)
Lt. Keith Olson* (Army) 
Rudolph Papparella (Army) 
Cpl. Ralph Perone (Air Force)
Cpt. Damian Pezzano* (Army)
Walter Piasio (Navy) 
Frank Proscia (Army)
Seaman Robert Roy* (Navy)
Harold Eugene Scott, Sr.* (Army)
Stanley Shapiro (Navy)
Gavin Sicliano (Air Force)
Maj. Thomas S. Simmons* (Army)
Quartermaster Tom Taylor (Navy)
Cpl. Harry Terris (Army)
Cpl. John Walzer (Army)
Sgt. James Patrick Whitney* (Marine Corps)
Lt. Joseph E Wolak* (Navy)

​* Deceased as of July 27, 2013