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Remembering Our Vietnam War Veterans
Saturday, July 26, 2014
40th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty

We remember all of the veterans honored at our flag ceremony and their sacrifices in the service of our country.
"What you're honoring is a person's devotion to their county and not the rank or station in life they achieved." Tom Sherlock, Arlington National Cemetery Historian
Jose Abara, Sgt., Air Forca--Long Branch * 
Colin Bach, Cpl., Marine Corps,--Neptune * 
Paul Bacon, Spec4, Army--Neptune *
Jon Allen Baker, Cpl., Marine Corps-Elberon * 
Robert Balmer, Pfc., Marine Corps--Oceanport * 
Glen Bates, Lcpl., Marine Corps--Hazlet * 
David Beattie, Pfc., Marine Corps--Neptune * 
Dennis Beauregard, E4, Army 
Gerald Binger, SSG, Army--Neptune City * 
Thomas Blevins, Jr., Cpl., Marine Corps--Middletown * 
Donald Brower, Ptc., Marine Corps--Neptune * 
Ronald J Brown, Army 
Gordon Cameron, Gunny Sgt Marine Corps-Long Branch 
Roy Carey, Spec5, Army (d) 
John Ciallella, Lcpl., Marine Corps, Sea Girt * 
Walter Cichon, SSG, Army--Farmingdale * 
George Clayton, PSGT, Army--Belmar * 
Theothis Collins, Lcpl., Marine Corps--Asbury Park * 
Gerald Conner,. Cpl., Marine Corps--Colts Neck * 
Anthony Corbella, E-4. Army 
Albert D'Adamo, Jr., Sp4, Army-Wanamassa * 
Don Davison, 1st. Sgt., Army 
Charles DeMaria
John Doherty, 2nd Lt., Marine Corps--Red Bank * 
Paul Edward Doherty, Jr., Navy 
Richard Thomas Doherty, Sgt., Marine Corps (d) 
Phillip Dorn, Lcpl., Marine Corps--Shrewsbury * 
William Eberhardt, SP5, Army--Belmar * 
Barry Evert, Ptc, Army--Eatontown * 
James Finnegan, MD, Lt. Cmdr.--Navy (d) 
Thomas Firth, Lcpl., Marine Corps-Little Silver * 
Robert Ford, Cpt., Army 
Carl Foster, Sp4, Army--Belmar * 
James Frick, Sgt., Army--Orono, Maine 
Paul GaNun, Cpl., Army-Asbury Park * 
Steve Granit, Navy/Marine Corps (d) 
Chester Gregory, Spec4, Army 
Malcolm Grim, Pvt., Army--Long Branch * 
John Grisard, CWO, Army--Long Branch * 
Donald Halvorsen, Ptc., Marine Corps-Eatontown * 
Lantie Harris, Lcpl, Marine Corps--Shrewsbury * 
Harold Heinz, E4, Navy--Interlaken 
Robert Hopkins, 1st Lt., Army 
Rem Hunnewell, Staff Sgt., Army/ Navy 
Elwood Hussey, E-5, Navy (d) 
Del Jacobs, Pfc., Marine Corps--Long Branch *
Joseph Kearns, Jr., LTC, Air Force--Sea Girt *
Joe Kenny, E5, Army--Interlaken
Gregory Kernahan, Capt, Army--Avon *
Robert Douglas King, WO, Army *
John Kritsky, Sgt E-5, Army--Neptune
Ron Kowalski, Lcpl., Marine Corps (d)
Robert Kugelmann, Sp5, Army--Manasquan *
James Lang, Sgt, Army--Neptune *
Harold Lanning, P03, Navy-Wanamassa *
Charles Lollis, Major, Army--Oakhurst *
Robert Lopez, E-4, Navy
James Lytal, Sfc, Army-Wanamassa *
James Mack, Sgt, Marine Corps
Roland Manuel, SSG, Army-Asbury Park *
John F Mayer, Jr., Pfc., Army-W. Long Branch *
Patrick McBride, Lcpl., Marine Corps--Neptune *
John McGowan, E-4, Marine Corps (d)
Allen McKean, PNSN, Navy--Eatontown
Clifford McKennan, Pfc., Army--Point Pleasant *
Stewart Melnick, 1st Lt., Army--Bradley Beach *
Thomas Milmoe, ·E-4, Navy Seabees
James Monahan, Sgt, Army (d)
Jerry Morgan, Cpl., Army-Long Branch *
Donald A. Mouritzen, Sp5, Army--Middletown *
Floyd Moye, SpecS, Army--Asbury Park *
Peter Murphy, CWO-4, Marine Corps--Oakhurst
Richard A. Nichols, Spec4, Army--Point Pleasant *
John Pape, Sgt, Army-Navesink * 
Phillip Parratt, BU2, Navy Seabees--Oakhurst 
Robert Paterra, 1st Lt., Army (d)
Louis Perry, Cpl., Marine Corps--Asbury Park * 
James Petillo, Air Force 
Kenneth Preiser, E-5, Air Force 
Michael Quilty, LCPL, Marine Corps 
Albert Raitt, Gysgt, Marine Corps-Neptune City * 
John Reilly, Jr., Capt., Air Force-Spring Lake *
Joseph Renzella, SSG-E-6. Army 
Robert Reynolds, Sp4, Army--Neptune * 
Robert Rocky, Capt., Air Force--Lincroft * 
Arthur Ross, Sp4 Army Asbury Park * 
Dominic Scatuorchio, CWO, Army-·Spring Lake * 
Arthur S. Schenck, Jr., PO, Navy--Oakhurst 
Howard Schnabolk, 1st Lt., Army--Sea Bright *
William Schulz, Cpl., Marine Corps--Red Bank *
Richard Stewart, Lcpl., Marine Corps--Manasquan *
Michael Truex, E-3, Coast Guard (d) 
Ronald Venturini, LtCI.,Air Force-Grand Island, NY 
Edward B. Vogel, Col., Army--Interlaken * 
Albert Washington, Cpl., Army--Asbury Park * 
Douglas C. Weaver, 1st Lt., Army--Interlaken 
Ronald White, Pfc., Army--Eatontown * 
Joseph Williams 
William S. Wood, Jr., DMD, E-5, Army

* Killed in Action
(d) Deceased since leaving service as of July 26, 2014