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Remembering Our World War II Veterans
Friday, September 21, 2012 (Week 13)
Members of the Wanamassa Fire Company 
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In conjunction with the new exhibit, “Loved Ones Go to War: Local Stories of World War II,” the Museum is honoring deceased local World War II veterans with a flag raising ceremony each week from June 29 to December 7, 2012.

Every Friday at 6:30 p.m., a new flag will be raised at the Eden Woolley House and fly in honor of that week's veteran. The flag can be provided by the family or the Museum.

Local Boy Scouts from Troop 70 (Oakhurst), Troop 71 (Oakhurst) and Troop 76 (Wayside), veterans organizations or other groups will officiate over the raising and lowering of the flags. A sign in front of the flag pole will give information about the veteran being honored. The family and the public are welcome.
James S. Appleby (World War II)
Francis A. Ankiewicz (World War II - U.S. Navy - 
  Normandy Invasion)
Barney Pierce Apter (World War II - U.S. Navy)
Frederick William Baatz (World War II - U.S. Army -
  Sargent - Purple Heart and Bronze Star)
Donald Bennett (World War II)
Robert Bennett (World War II)
Frank Berta (World War II)
Joseph Franklin Brown (World War II - U.S. Navy -
John G. Carter (World War II - U.S. Army)
William Carter (World War II)
Joseph W. Child, Jr. (World War II - U.S. Army - 
  Private First Class)
Henry Jadwin Comegys (World War I - Company H, 
  Asbury Park - American Red Cross 4th Ambulance
  Corps - France)
Ralph Dangler (World War II - U.S. Navy - 90th
   Battalion - Killed in Action, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
C. William Daniels (World War II)
Benjamin J. DeAngelis (World War II)
Donald Doughty (Korean War)
Carl D. Drum
Lewis B. Evans Jr. (U.S. Navy)
Edward A. Fitzmaurice (World War I)
James E. Fitzmaurice (World War II)
John E. Garrity, Jr (World War II - U.S. Navy)
William T. Glassford Jr. (World War II - U.S. Army - 
  Private First Class - P.O.W. for 20 Months - Germany -
  Bronze Star)
William Trainor Glassford, Sr. (U.S. Army - 1911-1912
   - Corporal - New Jersey State Militia - Fort Hancock)
Robert E. Grant, Jr. (Korean War)
Eugene H. Henry (World War II)
Oliver A. Hoppach (World War II - U.S. Navy - 
  U.S.S. Harlan R. Dickson - DD708)
John J. Horter, Jr. (World War II - U.S. Army Air Corps - Served in Italy)
Howard Hundertpfund (World War II - U.S. Army - 
  Wounded In Action - Battle of the Bulge)
Elmer O. Hunt (World War II - U.S. Army - European
   Theatre and then U.S. Navy - Pacific Theatre)
William Johntry (World War I)
Albert Koenig, Sr. (World War II - U.S. Navy - Fire 
  Fighter Specialist)
John Richard Kurkjian (World War II)
Charles W. Lambertson (World War II - U.S. Navy - 
Leroy F. Lawrence - (World War II)
John B. Martin (World War II)
Eugene Masco, Jr. (U.S. Army)
Francis E. McAllan (World War II)
James William McCulloch (World War I)
Richard V. McEvilly, Sr. (World War II - U.S. Army)
Charles E. McGrath (World War II - U.S. Army - 
  Recipient of the Bronze Star)
Clifford Gunther Miller, Jr. (World War I - U.S. Army)
John H. Moor, Jr. (World War II - U.S. Coast Guard)
Ralph Mortorella (World War II)
Victor Musto (World War II - U.S. Army)
Warren J. Newman (World War II)
Arthur Nicholas Neylon (World War II)
Joseph Higgins Parisen (World War I)
George Washington Patterson (World War I - U.S. Army
   - Private)
Franklin F. Roberts (World War II)
Theodore Scott Robinson (World War II - U.S. Army -
James Veach Sanderson (World War I - Company H,
   Asbury Park)
Harold Eugene Scott, Sr. (Korean War)
Thomas S. Simmons (World War II and Korean War - 
  U.S. Army - Major)
John Walter Slocum (World War II - U.S. Army Air 
Patrick Garret Strano (World War II - U.S. Navy - 
  Petty Officer)
William Harold Warren (World War I - Company D - 
  New Jersey Marines)
Raymond F. Woolley (World War II - U.S. Army)
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Flag Honorees

Francis A. Ankiewicz
Frederick William Baatz 
Joseph Franklin Brown
Ralph Dangler
Benjamin J. DeAngelis
Lewis B. Evans Jr.
Edward A. Fitzmaurice
John E. Garrity, Jr
William Trainor Glassford, Sr.
Oliver A. Hoppach
John J. Horter, Jr. 
Howard Hunterfund
Albert Koenig, Sr. 
John Richard Kurkjian 
Charles W. Lambertson
Francis E. McAllan
Charles E. McGrath
Clifford Gunther Miller, Jr.
Franklin F. Roberts 
Harold Eugene Scott, Sr. 
Patrick Garret Strano
William Trainor Glassford, Jr.
"What you're honoring is a person's devotion to their county and not the rank or station in life they achieved." Tom Sherlock, Arlington National Cemetery Historian
"An open door to the history of coastal Monmouth County"

"An open door to the history of coastal Monmouth County"